TOR Configuration

TOR Instructions for Bata Wallet Anonymity.

TOR Node Settings – How to connect to our dedicated Bata nodes..

How to configure your Windows/Mac/Linux wallet.

Download TOR, install and run the Vidalia Bridge Bundle that best fits your OS platform – (this example is Windows, Mac users follow same instructions, except download entire TOR bundle instead of Vidalia and go to the location of .conf file in next step) in Vidalia, go to settings, click configure control port automatically, and in sharing, click run as client only.

Now navigate to the file where your blockchain is kept. By default, in windows, it is located in: C:\Users\(your windows name)\AppData\Roaming\Bata\ – to find hidden files use %appdata% in search files.

Right click, and select Create a New Text Document and put in the following lines:





Save it as bata.conf (save as ‘all files’), instead of Document.txt

Now, open your wallet, and go to “Settings” then “Options”, then select the center tab “Network”

Unclick the first option, and click “Connect Through SOCKS proxy” and enter your local ip, port 9050, and SOCKS 5, as shown.

Now, just open the wallet, wait a moment, and you are on our dedicated Bata TOR Gateway!