What is a masternode?

Work is being done on integrating MN’s into core 10. Our specifications are unique as no other Scrypt POW / POS coin is running a core 10 wallet (the most secure). So our developers had to pick apart the code and go from there. Many long nights and many lines of code have been undertaken.

Work has been done directly and indirectly on Masternodes by Biznatchenterprises (part of dev team), who used the experience to benefit Bata.

More unforeseen time was taken on our firewall with observation, tweaks and coding, which did set us back, but Bata’s blockchain is more secure because of it.

Development has identified another issue just by chance in core 8 Masternodes which allows manipulation of rewards. Issues are addressed with the extra security of core 10.

We updated to core 10 and added a firewall to protect against sophisticated 51% attacks see below:

Bitcoin Firewall uses a very unique method for detecting potential hard-fork chain-attacks coupled with specific block chain DDoS flooding. All connected nodes/peers are examined by the amount of data they’re sending or receiving from a peer with the firewall enabled. If bandwidth usage is greater than the limits set, the connecting node is further examined to verify their blockchain start & sync height is within safe limits; The average among all peers connected. Range based blockchain checkpoints that use averages of live blockchain sizes further enhance security by limiting potential attacks known as >51% of distributed hashing power (double-spend, Sybil attack).

PoW / Pos Hybrid & Masternodes will be released once migration of code is complete and fully tested.


Bata QT Win64 Wallet Update.

This update addresses sync issues.

Ensure that you back-up and your wallet. Save your wallet.dat file in another location. If you lose this file you will lose your coins.


Open %appdata% folder and delete Bata Folder. (find by going to start in windows and type in search %appdata%) Start QT to re-sync blockchain. You will know if you have been successful if your wallet shows it is over 2 years out of sync. Now just wait or use bootstrap to sync faster.


Instructions for Bootstrap:

Updated Bootstrap: https://bata.money/downloads/BATA-bootstrap.zip After fresh install, open QT so that it can create a new Bata Folder. Then Close QT. Unzip the file into the same directory as the bata-qt.exe (find by going to start in windows and type in search %appdata%) Then with a shortcut or in the command prompt: bata-qt.exe -loadblock=bootstrap.dat


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File name   bata-qt
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Update now via:


Thanks for your support and patience.


Bata Source Code Update 10.5.2

The following changes to take effect at block 850k:

Increase confirmation from 60 to 200 blocks,
Increase Total money supply from 5 Million to 10 Million
Static PoW reward of 0.25 Bata


Update from Development via Discord:

For an update on those trying to follow along on Bata.  It boils down to 2 basic issues.   1) We are organizing a Non Profit Foundation to represent the community that is supporting Bata and Barter Platform.  This is the first priority for us, and we need to complete this step to continue developing both the business plan for Bata and technological development.  The political environment surrounding cryptocurrencies is becoming volatile in how governments and investment securities agencies are monitoring and handling crypto-currencies in different countries and jurisdictions.   2) We are actively looking for developers to assist with the masternode migration.  Migrating this coin is taking more time and resources than I had anticipated and estimated to pc888.  So, I am falling behind in what I promised to deliver, but we are looking for support from reputable developers that can assist and are available.  Both tasks, finding available developers and reputable ones, are proving to be a difficult task.  This does not mean development has stopped, it means that this transition is taking a lot longer than we had projected.
Probably because of so many of the scams that are happening now under the guise of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, there are many government agencies scrutinizing most projects of a certain value or popularity.  We are putting a business plan in place to ensure we are compliant and preparing a professional profile for the Bata project.  These services are all at a cost, so we are also looking for ways to cover the costs for the short-term road map.  The foundation will need funding not only for its in legal costs for its creation, but there is also the upcoming costs and budgets for development of the code base, marketing, documentation, and community support.