The predecessor of barter trade dollars.

Soon releasing new POW/POS Hybrid.

Bata (BTA) is a currency that has been developed to replace trade dollars in traditional Barter Systems. As the “Sharing Economy” grows, so does the decentralized market.

Bata aims to change way the way we trade, by introducing Barter on the Blockchain.

A Barter Currency has been re-invented on a blockchain, decentralized, secure and widely available in the form of BTA, replacing a Trade Dollar. Trade Dollars are just like cash and for that matter are based on regular currency, but in current Barter Systems they are controlled and issued by a central party.

BTA is traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges right across the globe.

Our vision is to create a new system of commerce that will create new jobs for an information based economy, and to help break away from the current system of debt based money.

BBP | Bata Barter Platform. We are changing commerce for the better.

BBP| Bata Barter Platform, Exchange, and Marketplace represent a transformative vision of the future of commerce, with the goal of removing the greatest pain points in the lives of sellers and buyers of goods and services.  Providing unique interfaces, tools and automation features for traders of goods and services, commerce will be redefined by Bata.  Users will more easily participate in barter as means of trade, while also allowing traditional buying and selling, and adding a system of incentives and leverage to traders and users in unique ways.  It will build up a new form of trading community around the Exchange and Marketplace, and bring value to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Traditional Barter Platform vs. BBP

Bartering helps you exchange goods or services at once, without money. It has no limits and can be done both on a very small-scale and on an exceedingly larger-scale. The arrangements are under the control of member-only associations, with credit units the channel of exchange, (other terms like trade exchange, barter exchange and countertrade exchange). To explain the channel of exchange, different terms like credits, units, barter dollars or trade dollars are being used. As the medium of exchange, the term which is mostly used is trade dollar.

Looking deeper into barter deals there is huge difference between direct barter and exchange barter. In return barter, you may use your capacity, inventory or excess time to trade for goods and services you need. For such deals, you don’t need money as long as you are part of a barter group with other businesses. Each business earns trade dollars which can be employed for the exchange of the things you want. Direct barter means to swap the service or product for the service of your seller.

The scale of the projects required three white papers outlining the implementation.

White Paper One – BBP | Bata Barter Platform

White Paper Two – PoW / PoS Hybrid

BTA’s transformation from a Proof of Work Scrypt based cryptocurrency to a POW / POS Hybrid and the introduction of Uber-Nodes, our version of a “Masternode”.

BTA’s growth has been organic, much like Bitcoin, with no funding or premine and established late April of 2015.

White Paper Three – Profit Shares /  Internal Exchange

BBP will offer Profit shares and run an internal exchange which will also have numerous functions including exchanging BTA for TRADE, Profit Shares and help generate funds.

It’s still early and we want to get feedback from the community, early and often.
We are getting the vision, whitepapers and roadmap out to the world now, because we need the best developers in the world to come help build the best commerce system in the world, built on blockchain technology with Bitcoin at the base of it all.


Algorithm Scrypt – Proof of Work (POW)

Symbol – BTA

Difficulty – Dark Gravity Wave

Block Time – 90 Seconds

Block Reward – 25

Block Halving – Every 100k Blocks

Premine – Zero

ICO – Zero

Crowdfund – Zero

Total BTA – 5,000,000


Bata’s Network utilizes Proof of Work Scrypt Cryptocurrency Encryption.

When you choose to use your Bata Wallet with TOR or I2P Bata Nodes, your IP address is hidden, no need for external mixers or other 3rd Party methods. Bata’s Wallet has integration with I2P or TOR – a hidden wallet address provides privacy and extra security from hackers or anyone else. Bata adds another dimension to the way you spend money by giving you the freedom and privacy of Peer to Peer transactions. Your money is your business, not our’s or anyone elses.

With Bitcoin, transactions are published to the Block Chain and you can prove who made them or to whom, but with Bata the anonymization your IP address via I2P or TOR makes it impossible to trace them. This is important because the block chain is accessible to anyone with an internet connection – a significant drawback for those who don’t wish their transaction history and balances to be publicly available. Bata does this through utilizing an innovative decentralized network of servers called BTA I2P and TOR Nodes, avoiding the need for a trusted third party that could compromise the integrity of the system.

BTA will be upgrading privacy via Stratis Breeze Wallet when available.